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Colon Cleanser FAQ

Many people opt to do colon cleansing with a colon cleanser such as OxyPowder, Colonix or Colpurin.
Since many people are confused as to which cleanser to actually get, or how to use them effectively, I decided to write a FAQ with answers to questions you may have. Enjoy!

1. What are the main types of colon cleansers?
There are many of these products out in the market, and each one is different.
But they can all be categorized into 2 types: oxygen-based products and fiber-based products. Fiber-based cleansers work by using fiber to push all the toxins out through the colon. Oxygen-based cleansers such as OxyPowder work by using oxygen to cleanse the colon. Both have their unique benefits - the only way to tell which one works best for you is to try both. OxyPowder is the main product in the oxygen-based category, and Colonix for the fiber-based ones.

2. What are the benefits of a colon cleanser as opposed to P&B shakes / Colon Cleanse Recipes?
In my opinion fiber cleansers are equally as effective as P&B shakes, as they have the same ingredients such as psyllium husk.
Oxygen-based cleansers have the potential to be more effective than P&B shakes, because they don't have the same ingredients.

Other benefits of colon cleansers is that they simply are more convenient to take. When I tell my friends about bowel cleansing, they frown upon the idea because it's so much work... They gotta buy all the different supplements and herbs, mix them all together, and drink the shake 4-5 times a day. Well, that's why I recommend most people use a colon cleanser such as Oxy-Powder instead. It takes the work out of it - you just swallow a capsule everyday. It's easy, simple, and painless, and works just as effectively.

3. What is the top colon cleanser in the market today?
There is no such thing as a best colon cleanser since all of our bodies are so different. Some of us work better using a fiber-based product - others should use OxyPowder. For most people, I recommend getting an oxygen-based cleanser first because it is so effective for the majority of people. I recommended fiber-based cleansers to a lot of people at first, but then I realized a lot of people respond badly and bloat a lot when they take these fiber bowel cleansers.

Some of the best products out there include OxyPowder, Colonix, and the Colon cleansing kit from Blessed Herbs. The products I would never recommend to anyone are The Almighty Cleanse, Dual Action Cleanse, and Ultimate Colon Cleanse.

4. Where can I find wholesale colon cleansers for sale?
You can find wholesale colon cleansers for cheap in Whereas other major cleansers are worth $80 or more, this site sells their cleanser for just $42, at wholesale value.

5. Are Over the Counter Colon Cleansers good?
I would not recommend these cheap, mediocre products as well. The reason they are so cheap (less than $20) is because they simply do not work, or are not useful for an extensive colon cleansing regimen. Sure, if you don't plan on cleansing for 2+ weeks, and just want to eliminate constipation for 1 day, then these OTC cleansers will probably be ideal for you.

For most people, we need to take a cleanser that was designed for people who need cleansing and complete detoxification. For products like OxyPowder and Colonix, it has taken a lot of years to make, and test these cleansers. If you visit their websites, you will see that they truly are designed for bowel cleansing, not just a one-time deal for constipation.

If you feel your colon is clean, and don't need cleansing, but have occasional constipation, OxyPowder is probably for you. If you never have constipation, but due to a bad meal, have a case of constipation, an enema or colonic would probably be best.

6. Are Colon Cleansers safe?
Oxygen based cleansers are completely safe to use, even for a prolonged period of time. I have friends who use OxyPowder every single day because it keeps their colon refreshed and clean. However, fiber-based cleansers are simply not safe to take forever. It's safe to take them for a month, but after that you should stop taking them.

Products like Colonix come with Senna tea which can cause dangerous side effects such as dependency, and damage to the nerves in your colon. If you want to stay completely away from these side effects, I recommend you go with OxyPowder instead.

7. What do you think about the Almighty Cleanse, that Seen on TV product?
It's a fraud, please stay away from that product at all costs. It has been marketed everywhere, but if you do some research online you will find absolutely no positive reviews (if any reviews at all). You will find a few people talking about what a scam the product is.

8. What do you think about Dual Action Cleanse?
This product is also a scam - I would avoid this one too. The creator Danny Vierra has a history of marketing bad products.

9. Should I be fasting before taking a cleanser?
You definitely do not have to fast at all before a cleanse. During the cleanse, though, no matter which cleanser you take, remember not to overeat! Make sure you drink a lot of water and liquids such as broths and soups. It would be best to take a probiotic such as Latero-Flora to replenish those good bacteria! Some other good foods to include in your colon cleansing diet are: raw egg yolks, game meat, Vitamin C, Yeast flakes, nuts, and sashimi. Make sure you exclude foods that make you allergic or are hypersensitive to.

10. How long should I be taking a cleanser?
1 month at least, 2 months is the ideal. For those taking OxyPowder, this means getting 3-4 bottles. For those taking Colonix, this means 1-2 packs. Colon cleansing with a cleanser is not much different than which P&B shakes - it still lasts 1-2 months. Even if the cleanser has directions for a 7-day cleanse, it's best to continue cleansing much longer than that because - remember: your colon has been clogged due to years and years of a bad diet and lifestyle. It's going to take a few months before it can completely be clean, and your symptoms healed.

I would recommend doing cleansing for maintenance - a month every year. I bought 12 bottles of OxyPowder because of this (since they got a discount if you buy 12 or more). Regularly cleansing helps ensure you don't have constipation and toxins don't circulate back to your body and wreck havoc.

11. Which product would you recommend personally?
Because it has helped immensively in eliminating my constipation, acne, and candida I would recommend OxyPowder to all of my visitors. Try 2-3 bottles, and see if it works for 1-2 months. It's safe, so you don't have to worry about side effects, and it's very convenient to take! If you have money to spend, I recommend trying DrNatura. Read Dr Natura Colonix Reviews

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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.







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